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  • What does a successful TTX look like?

    What does a successful TTX look like?

    In April, we opened the discussion of Tabletop Exercises (TTX). If you haven’t read that post, go here to read […]

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  • Effective Threat Detection

    Effective Threat Detection

    Threat prevention must always begin with the effective ability to detect threats. Detection must be sweeping and comprehensive if an […]

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  • Security vs. Functionality

    Security vs. Functionality

    There has long been a sliding rule that says the more secure a solution is, the less usable it becomes. […]

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  • Three Common PCI Misperceptions

    Three Common PCI Misperceptions

    With all the negative publicity this year surrounding major-league retailers and their staggering credit card information breaches, it’s no surprise […]

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  • Avoid Security Event Overload

    Avoid Security Event Overload

    A great many organizations implement various layers and tools within their security management program – IPS, malware intelligence, spam filtering, […]

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  • Cloud Computing – Risky?

    Cloud Computing – Risky?

    The number of articles on cloud computing security risks is growing daily. However, is cloud computing any different than traditional […]

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