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  • What does a successful TTX look like?

    What does a successful TTX look like?

    In April, we opened the discussion of Tabletop Exercises (TTX). If you haven’t read that post, go here to read […]

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  • The Vulnerabilities Will Keep Coming

    The Vulnerabilities Will Keep Coming

    Recently there have been vulnerabilities out in the wild that have had security teams racing to patch systems and gather […]

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  • Map your Moves

    Map your Moves

    Our troops do not go into battle without the proper training, knowledge, or practice under their belts. They learn their […]

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  • Backups, Security’s Best Friend

    Backups, Security’s Best Friend

    Do you have backups in place? Simple yes or no answer, or is it? In the past, backups were not […]

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  • Consistency is Key

    Consistency is Key

    It used to be that employees stayed at a company for a long time. People did the same job for […]

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  • Sorting Through the Threats

    Sorting Through the Threats

    Everyday there are new cyber threats facing organizations. Often when an article makes its way to mainstream media, there is […]

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  • Verify Your Controls

    Verify Your Controls

    Making sure security controls are working as expected is just as important as making sure backups are operating properly or […]

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  • Going Back to Basics

    Going Back to Basics

    Attacks today seem to follow the same playbook: crack the perimeter, exploit bad internal fundamentals, deploy ransomware, profit. The playbook […]

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  • Cybersecurity Plan Must Haves

    Cybersecurity Plan Must Haves

    We work with organizations large and small. Something they all have in common? – A need to protect themselves against […]

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  • Threat Hunting 101

    Threat Hunting 101

    As cybersecurity professionals, it is important to understand real-world threats facing your organization. Although there are plenty of tools and […]

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  • Attackers on the Inside

    Attackers on the Inside

    We perform penetration testing on organizations that often use the latest and greatest tools in security defense, yet our testing […]

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  • Attack Frameworks 101

    Attack Frameworks 101

    We follow a pretty standard pattern for gaining access within a Network Penetration Test (aka pentest) – recon, exploit, escalate, […]

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  • MFA – A requirement, no longer a choice

    MFA – A requirement, no longer a choice

    If you do not have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in place yet, get a move on! If by some chance you […]

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