Attacker in the Network

black laptop computer turned on showing computer codes

An attacker is inside your network right now. If that is true, how would you know? Many technologies are in place to protect the gateways or the network edges, and logs document the traffic moving across these gateways. But, what about the attackers that make it successfully into your network past the gateway defenses? Perhaps using an urgent social engineering ploy that gets a user, maybe even a privileged user, to click on the link, steal credentials or download a malicious file.  Or maybe they use VPN and look like a normal user. Now what?

Malicious actors are looking for the weak point in your systems to spread malware or exfiltrate data. The attacker will move laterally, poke around, analyze the treasure trove before them. They may scan internal ranges looking for a host for a more devious act. The lateral environment beyond the firewall can be a gold mine for attackers, plotting and placing malware, setting up new accounts to become untraceable. This attack surface is often left unmonitored leaving a massive landscape unprotected within your organization.

Technologies like our NARC® Deception Network Technology help to catch the attacker in the act. Lying in wait; capturing important details and sending them right to you in near real time so the attacker can be stopped in their tracks. Our solution is low cost and plug and play – a perfect, quick and easy way to be protected. 

Sophisticated attacks mean you need to be ready to catch an attacker anywhere, even if that means inside your network. Check out NARC® Deception – it could be just what you are missing.