• CTInfoSec has extensive experience performing security assessments in a variety of industries including insurance, financial services, mobile applications, healthcare, online services, manufacturing, utilities, real estate, business services, and more. It is our focus on the uniqueness of each client that allows us to create a lasting impact and superior output.
  • External Network Penetration Testing
    Network penetration testing determines the feasibility of gaining access to private network resources and investigates current security measures to ensure proper protections are deployed. Your company’s Internet presence is evaluated with the latest tools and techniques available.
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  • Web Application Testing
    Web application testing determines the impact of a successful attack on a Web services infrastructure using the perspective of an attacker. Our black box testing approach, which makes the most of the OWASP testing framework and the latest commercial and open source tools, ensures a comprehensive and accurate review.
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  • Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment
    An internal assessment will identify the risks within a network from the vantage point of an inside attacker. We will leverage the OSSTMM testing framework and the latest tools and techniques available to complete this testing.
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  • Security Systems Assessments
    CTInfoSec helps simplify this process by coming into your organization, performing thorough documentation review, conducting appropriate interviews, and analyzing best practice comparisons to accurately assess your internal systems.
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  • Security Policy Review & Creation
    Whether you are looking for a review of your current policies or are beginning the process of alignment with ISO, HIPAA, PCI or SOX, CTInfoSec can help drive your alignment and compliance.
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  • Security Awareness Training & Education
    Training plays an integral role in both creating and sustaining a secure business environment. We offer programs and presentations that speak to the needs of a wide variety of organizations, from small businesses just starting up to well-established government entities. Whether you are seeking the knowledge to effectively manage your own network or are looking to instill a sense of security awareness in your workforce, CTInfoSec has the information you need and the experts to help you create and implement the appropriate program for your organization.
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  • Executive and Team Presentations
    Choose from a variety of topics that speak to the unique needs of your organization. Are you looking for a heads-up on the top security concerns and how to combat them? Do you need to stress the importance of security in your organization with real-world examples of phishing attacks and social engineering scams? Perhaps you’d like to bring in an expert to help explain the current threats and risks at the forefront for organizations like yours. Whatever your needs, we will craft an expert presentation to address them.
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