• Connecticut Information Security is a full-service cyber security firm specializing in mitigating security risks, protecting networks, aligning organizations with security standards and educating workforce members on security-related topics and tools.

    We help protect organizations from security threats not only by determining their unique level of risk, but by providing expert insights based on best practice standards and proven remediation techniques.

    Outcomes vary from client to client, but the end result is always the same: each business we work with gains an information security partner that is available for questions, advice and consulting as needed. As your business evolves—along with the threats against it—we will continue to be your trusted advisor in information security.

    • We will address your business's unique needs with a personalized approach.
    • We will leverage best-of-breed auditing standards, premier industry software and the creative tactics to complete your engagement.
    • We will provide you with comprehensive results, including risks, remediations and best practices.
    • We will be available before, during or after your engagement for all of your questions.
    • You will always work with knowledgeable, certified security specialists.